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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Prom Dress

This is my niece’s prom dress.

Today I am altering it to better fit her slender body.

It is shimmering chiffon in blue, green, yellow, pink, white and black, water-washes of colour layered over slinky white, silky fabric.  Her dress is simple and beautiful but it needs to be altered.

Because of the myriad colours, I need to find multiple spools of thread, depending upon where I am stitching in the palette and on the dress.

Because she wants to sell the dress after she is finished wearing it, (ever the frugal young woman), I cannot cut the fabric.  It has to be hand stitched, so that the stitches themselves can be removed, carefully picked out later, returning the dress to its original self.

Because she is slender some of the folds and gathers at the mid-section are too voluminous for her.  I must sew tiny, nearly invisible stitches to hold the chiffon in place, closer to her body.

The dress is lovely; my niece is lovely.

I hope she and her dress make magic at the prom!

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