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Friday, June 24, 2011

Irises and Lupins

Irises and Lupins

Early light edges pink to the pale blue sky.  Cloud layers are barely discernible, as gauzy white and grey shadows against the blue, as the morning sky comes to life.

I’ve complained about the rain all spring, but looking out over the yard today, I see remarkable lushness.  The morning light-washed greens are vivid, full and rich; they make my heart glad just to see them.  All because of abundant rain!

The dramatic, tall bearded irises are in bloom, regal, opulent, a swath of purple falls, and mauve standards and fuzzy golden beards in the garden.

The neighbour’s patch of impressive lupins bursts with colour—pastel pinks, whites and purpled-blues.  The lupin leaves spread out like fingers on a hand surrounding the long stiff stems.

Everything green and growing appears dazzling in the slanting early morning light, even the weeds!

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