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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wasn't That a Party

Now Wasn’t That a Party?

Last evening we attended a birthday party for a dear friend.  She turns 50 today and she wanted to celebrate her self.  What a great idea!

Her husband sent out email invitations weeks ago, including helpful suggestions about her birthday-gift wishes and wants.  How helpful!  No worrying and guessing about what to give as a birthday remembrance.

We arrived at the Centre at 7 pm; there she was at the door to greet each guest and to receive hugs, cards and gifts. 

“This is a healthy attitude about a birthday,” I realized, easier and more direct than the usual self-effacing, “Please, don’t make a fuss about me for my big day.”

She made the rounds of the tables several times and spoke to each individual, chatting vibrantly.  She was full of life and happy, clearly enjoying herself at her own party.   It was energizing to be around the enthusiasm and merriment.

Her birthday gave me an opportunity to visit with people that I’ve not seen recently.  We talked, caught up and enjoyed the scrumptious food buffets, sang some songs, listened to live guitar and fiddle music, drank some wine and watched videos prepared by her step-children.  Enjoyment and entertainment!

I’m impressed that my friend celebrated her 50th birthday with such generosity and thoughtfulness, providing the opportunity to celebrate what she means in our lives. 

I learned a lesson.  Sometimes, telling folks what I don’t want for my birthday, then not telling them what I do want, makes life challenging for those who love me.

Aren’t birthdays meant to be celebratory milestones in our lives? Birthdays are the acknowledgement of the years that have made us who and what we are, as well as the forward-looking hopefulness and new beginnings of the year yet to come.

A Happy Birthday!

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