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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Life and Death in our Yard

The recent heavy winds have shorn the yard; tearing rose-pink blossoms from the crab apple tree, ripping the splash of yellow from the forsythia, scattering the bright tangerine petals of quince and pummelling the fuchsia of the bleeding hearts.

Blooms are fading and disappearing in the cycle of bud, bloom, die, bud…

Though the service berry and chokecherry trees have lost their talcum of frothy pink-white flowers, the rowan trees still show clusters of tiny cream buds and flowers.  At the front of the house, rhododendrons bloom in butter yellow.


The purples and mauves of lilacs scent the sunny air promising summer.

Tiny golden pansies and tipped-cup lily of the valley peek from dark green leaves.

The yard is dying and birthing and always evolving in this constant cycle of life that is the natural world.


Anonymous said...

Your photos are great. Your yard must look so wonderful, even though some plants are dying. Others are coming into flower, I suppose. Since I am posting this in October, perhaps all is gone now. I just found this post today and wanted to say that I enjoyed your photos!

Carol Steel said...

Thank you for your comment. I just revisited this post as it is now December and the garden is asleep for our winter. I needed to be reminded of what will awaken next spring.