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Friday, September 21, 2012

My Mother is Moving

My mother is moving…again.  None of us thought she’d be uprooted so soon after moving to the country in early summer of 2011.  But life never hands out what we expect to receive.  So, though it isn’t her choice, she is moving again.
She’ll be relocating to a condo in Riverview, sharing living space with my niece and her three children.  The move wasn’t their choice either.  Sometimes life drop-kicks you in the head and you just have to deal with it.
If my mother is one thing, it is resilient.  She will survive this move and this reorganization of her life, yet one more time.  It is likely harder on the rest of us as we worry over the details of her move and all the “what if’s” that pop into our heads.
But Mum is resilient.  And this move is where she wants to be, with her grand-daughter and three great-grandchildren.  She loves them more than anything or anyone and will be happy with the lively household they create. 
Perhaps at 86 years young, she is fitter and more energetic and more mentally astute than most women her age because she lives in a bit of chaos with folks who need her and love her.
Oh sure, there will be the usual. " I can’t find my toothbrush.  Where is the other black shoe?  I hear the phone, why can`t I find it?  Why is the turkey roaster packed with the sleeping bags?"  The ordinary "where is this"  of unpacking will be temporary, but eventually they`ll settle in, with most of the lost items accounted for or purchased anew.
While moving is hard work, it is exciting as well.  They'll be in a modern home with cherry-wood cupboards and dark hardwood floors, two full bathrooms, ample bedrooms and a front and back deck, just a 5 minute walk to the school, near welcoming neighbours and a fresh new start.
A fresh new start, that`s what all of the family wishes for them.  Yes, a fresh new start, far away from the angst of the past year; a fresh new start, a new beginning, a new home.
I wish for my Mum, for my niece and for her children a happy home full of laughter and love. 
Blessings as you begin anew.

Photos and words are copyright ©Carol Steel.


Anonymous said...

i like it !!! truly amazing, C.and G ! XOX I LOVE YOU ALL ! W.

Carol Steel said...

Thanks W. I love you too, and just like you, I hope all will be well for them.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I hope they all enjoy their new life together!

Carol Steel said...

Hello CGP,

I hope they are happy together as well.