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Monday, July 25, 2011

After the Party

After the Party

This afternoon, I sat outside on the shady swing seat, sheltered from the street by the elm hedge.  It was a perfect July day, true blue sky, cloud puffs, dry heat, quiet except for the occasional birdsong and the sound of the breeze rustling through the lawn and trees, bringing the fragrance of heat-warmed grass and leaves.

Peaceful, quiet!  Wonderful!

I spent a busy morning, cleaning and completing “after party” tasks, sorting which items need to be returned to whom. After hours of tidying, I welcomed the pleasant weariness coming over me as I sat in the swing seat.

Mum enjoyed her birthday party yesterday.  There was enough time and leisure and space in the afternoon and evening to allow her plenty of time to chat and to visit and to enjoy her friends, children and spouses, grandchildren and partners, and great-grandchildren.

Folks from various locations in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Ontario shared the day with us here.  “Happy Birthday” wishes arrived from this local area, as well as from Long Island in NY, Quebec, Ontario and Mexico.  There were messages, gifts and cards from all over.

It was a great day—perfect weather, great food, music, laughter and stories, as family and friends gathered to honour and to celebrate Mum’s 85th birthday.

A wonderful happy time!

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