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Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunny Sunday in New Brunswick

We motorcycled through a fabulous sunny Sunday afternoon, starting from Riverview, through Scoudouc, travelling up the Acadian Coast, then back via the Old Shediac Road.
It is a beautiful drive along the coastline of New Brunswick, and was a perfect day for the bike—cloudless skies, warm and breezy, with a stop at Grande-Digue for ice-cream!

The storm surge damage of last winter and this spring is painfully apparent.  Half of the roadway is washed away in places along the coast.  Many homes and cottages, now much nearer the water than they want to be, are posted “For Sale.”

Tons and tons of newly dropped grindstone rock are piled along the ravaged coast, to create protective breakwaters.  Beaches have been decimated or have disappeared.  The coastline has drawn back and is changed completely.

Still, life goes on!  We drove by cars parked at the edges of steep craters gouged by the water, where there used to be gently sloping beach fronts.  People were helping each other down over the huge grindstones, handing off coolers and small children to reach the beach.  Young couples, singles and families, most of them sun burnt, were labouring to return over the massive rocks carrying empty picnic baskets, wet towels and blankets.  All looked contented and happy.

Enjoyment of the gorgeous day happened regardless of impediments on the beaches.  Clearly the warm waters and the glittering sands are still delightful and alluring, providing a warm day’s play and relaxation.

I couldn’t take any photographs of the road work or restoration or beaches, as I didn’t bring my camera along.  Jostling in the side-bags of the Harley wouldn’t have done it any good.  There were spots on the rough roads that didn’t do me any good!

We did enjoy the day and the drive and each other’s company and the ice cream…very much.  Despite the rough spots, it truly is a scenic coastline!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are getting our on the bike :)

xo, M

Carol Steel said...

Yes, it feels good to be able to go, since the better weather is here. We'll grab all the chances we can while they last.