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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Roses and More Roses

Roses and More Roses

The shimmering sun has called into bloom the most wonderful display of climbing roses at the back of the garage. 

These John Cabot roses cover the trellis in symmetrical double blooms that are a deep orchid pink, almost red.

They are hardy, sturdy roses with a long blooming season and excellent resistance to disease.

We found this rose amongst some of the overgrown shrubs at the far edge of our property and moved it to a more hospitable site with lots of water and sun. 

It has responded by bursting off the trellis with the weight of its flowers.  So lovely!

Photos are mine.


Anonymous said...

What fun! Discovering new plants coming up in your yard at different intervals of the year. Blessed bliss.

Carol Steel said...

Thank you. It is surprising and delightful to really pay attention to our yard. Helpful too for my patience and appreciation, as I can get too focused on what isn't lovely and needs weeding! Thank you for the reminder to look at the loveliness!