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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Astilbes in Bloom

Astilbe is such an odd-looking yet fascinating shade plant!  Our small ones are just starting to bloom.

I don’t think that I have them in the “just right spot” yet, as ours are very slow growing compared to those of our neighbours. 

One is supposed to avoid planting them in dry or windy places, or areas where snow stays on longer, in the spring.  I’ve been careful of that but still they don’t do well.  Looks like I’ll have to consult my neighbours. 

Or just sneak over to their yards and enjoy their gardens!

Astilbes have showy flowers, graceful plumes on tall stems above airy, delicate-looking foliage.  They are really quite lovely in large clumps-- in the neighbours’ yards!  I feel envy…

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