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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Today We Gardened

Today we gardened.  We planted a hedgerow of Japanese Willow across the 120 foot frontage of our lot.  At least part of it is done; the rest, the remaining half will wait until some evenings this week.

All garden plans seem to take longer than we think.  We spent all day, from early morning until past suppertime working on the plantings.

There is the prerequisite discussion time and moving of potted willows across the front of the yard to determine best sites and distances between shrubs, followed by the wandering around the yard looking at possibilities from very angle.

We rented a small tiller to churn up the row-widths we needed.  Though we were told that the particular tiller we rented would do the job, we learned differently.  The tiller was inadequate for our yard, acting like a gas-powered shovel of sorts.

Gary was unimpressed, found the tiller very muscle-intensive and useless.  Much swearing and aggravation resulted.

Finally, we got the row dug out, turned over, tilled up, and sworn over, ready for planting!

Still, we had to dig holes.  More swearing!  Sweating!  Discussion!

Lastly, compost and bone meal and watering and raking the soil into place, eight shrubs were planted.  And they look very fine!

The Japanese Willow, “Hakura Nishiki” or White Spotted Willow is an extremely attractive variety from Japan.  It has variegated foliage in creamy white and green; new growth is pink; wine-red coloured branches.

These shrubs are very hardy so will do well in the damp front edge of our steeply sloped yard.  Already the cream, green and pink leaves are lighting up the street side portion of our front yard, gently waving in the last rays of sunshine and the easy breezes.

Gary is having a beer and watching TV; a therapeutic car race is on!  He is tuckered.

At least, some of the plantings are complete.

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