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Monday, July 11, 2011

What is Blooming

What is Blooming

Gardening is a constant source of humility.  It is arrogance to think that I can ever keep ahead of the weeds!

The best I can do is to appreciate the tough plants and colourful flowers and hardy shrubs that exist around the house, and to tidy the beds and yard. 

Knowing that tub with pansies and violas will always need daily watering and dead–heading, I still enjoy their bright cheery faces.

The low sedum is a persistent spreader and itself, vigorously wages battle with the weeds, sharing perky yellow with the sun.

The campanula (bellflowers) will need some love and care today to get rid of the weeds and other plants growing close by.  I love the shades of pale violet-blue in the garden, so it is worth every effort.

Our Fat Albert Blue Spruce is terrific this summer, lush and bushy, growing vigorously with all the rain we’ve had.  It holds its own now, having weathered bad winters and some kind of needle fungus last summer.  It is a reassuring sight outside the kitchen windows each morning.

We have clematis and another ancient peony in full flower.

Discoveries of what has come and what is going are always amazing!

All photos are mine.

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