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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Anger in the Rain

Anger in the Rain

Parking lots are dangerous and interesting places.

I often sit in the car and write, while others go into the stores to do errands.  Consequently, I have an opportunity to observe many bizarre driving and walking behaviours.

For example, today was rainy—hard, straight-down bucketing rain, the drenching-you-in-two-minutes kind of rain.  The kind of rain  that creates all sorts of driving and walking problems.

Add to that, everyone is rushing, searching for the closest parking spots, or running in the rain to reach shelter, running in front of cars...creating dangerous, near-miss situations for both drivers and walkers.

This kind of rain tends to bring out the “asshole” in people.

Cars circle the parking lot close to the market, going round and round, futilely waiting for a parking space.  There are impatient drivers honking, giving each other the finger, yelling out their windows at each other, blocking traffic, seething with anger.

It’s just rain, people!

Goodness knows; we’ve had enough of it this summer, so it shouldn’t be a surprise.  It has rained a portion of nearly every day since spring.  Rain is an expected part of daily life here.

So—grow up, dress appropriately for our weather.  Park a little farther away where there are lots of spaces; wear a hat, or rain jacket, or carry an umbrella. 

Act like an adult, instead of an “asshole” in the rain!

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