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Friday, July 22, 2011

Under Fire by Margaret McLean

Under Fire by Margaret McLean

Have you read Under Fire by Margaret McLean?  It was published in June this year by Tor Forge Macmillan, New York, NY.

If you relish mysteries, courtroom battles, intriguing stories about fires, firemen, lawyers and corruption, you’ll enjoy Under Fire.

Margaret McLean brings years of her own experience as a criminal prosecutor to her writing of this first novel.  Under Fire portrays the raw underbelly of brutal crime and dangerous prejudice, as the slowly-revealed truth and suspenseful writing push and propel the reader through this mystery-thriller. 

Every detail, of the courtroom battles, entices one to keep on reading, reading, reading, as the contradictions and surprises rush toward the deadly truth about a Boston firefighter who is shot and killed in the line of duty.

Get it!  Read it!

Find out more about Margaret McLean at:  http://www.margaretmclean.com 

I received a first edition copy from Goodreads.  No remuneration was given for this review; it is merely my opinion.

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