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Friday, August 19, 2011

Poetry Submission

Poetry Submission

My blog entries have been sporadic. Why?  I’ve been working to meet a deadline for a poetry submission and have spent an average of four to five hours a-day writing.  I’m nearly there.

Nearly there, but not there.  Yesterday, I decided to take another look at one of my poems.  It is good, but not great, a narrative with a bit of a story.  The pieces are well-made; they just don’t hold together the way I want and I’ve re-written that poem scores of times.

I’d like the poem to fold, to be about one aspect and then to turn into another.  In order to literally obtain a different perspective, I printed a copy and then scissored it apart into strips of phrases. Then spent time fiddling with rearranging the bits like puzzle pieces to explore other possibilities.

It is more true to itself now; still not perfect.  I will re-type it, update my cover letter and mail the submissions.  Better to have my work out there than to leave it in the drawer.

Writing doesn’t often spring full-blown and complete from my brain, it requires hard slogging and myriad re-writes; research and time spent with reference books.  Though, occasionally, the words spill in a passionate rush, followed by more hours of word-crafting.

Poetry is always about making images, making thoughts and sounds come alive, making music with the words, creating a new way of seeing, a fresh sharing.

I hope I have done that!


Anonymous said...


Carol Steel said...

I know what you're saying, and yes, poetry!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Good luck with your submission, definitely as you say better to have the work out there...

Carol Steel said...

Thank you. I'll hope and keep on writing and writing.