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Monday, June 27, 2011

Weigela Shrubs

The weigelas are in bloom; their spectacular show lasts nearly six weeks.  These old-fashioned shrubs will continue to produce flowers in summer, after the initial spring blooming.

However, it has been such a wet spring that our weigelas are late coming to flower, for their first time.

We have two shrubs; one has stunning yellow-throated trumpet-shaped pink flowers about 1 ½ inches long, the other’s blooms are vibrant red.

The tubular flowers appear in large clusters along the length of the branches, and a mature shrub sometimes blooms so profusely that its branches bow under the weight of the flowers.

Our hummingbirds prefer flowers that are long and tubular, and contain abundant nectar.  These tiny birds are attracted by the colour red, and they love weigela’s flowers.

So do I!

General reference information was taken from Lois Hole's Favourite Trees & Shrubs, published by Lone Tree Publishing in 1997, Edmonton, Canada. 


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Carol Steel said...

Yes, the hummingbirds are fascinating. We are so lucky to have so many around our yard.